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Seriously, it's that bad.

Addonizio, Kim
Little Beauties

Adler, Warren
Mourning Glory

Albom, Mitch
Five People You Meet in Heaven    (The)

Ambrose, David
Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk    (The)

Archer, Jeffrey
As the Crow Flies

Baldacci, David
Christmas Train (The)
Last Man Standing
Winner (The)
Wish You Well

Blanchard, Keith
Deed (The)

Blume, Judy
Summer Sisters

Bohjalian, Christopher

Bradford, Barbara Taylor
Secret Affair (A)

Brown, Sandra
Crush (The)
Fat Tuesday
Hello, Darkness
Switch (The)
Where There's Smoke

Buffett, Jimmy
Salty Piece of Land (A)

Bushnell, Candace
Trading Up

Campbell, Rebecca
Slave to Fashion

Caputo, Phillip
Voyage (The)

Chance, Megan
Inconvenient Wife (An)
Susannah Morrow

Chapman, Clay McLeod
Miss Corpus
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Chappell, Helen
Whole World of Trouble (A)

Chiaverini, Jennifer
Cross Country Quilters (The)
Elm Creek Quilts Sampler (An)
Master Quilter (The)
Quilter's Apprentice (The)
Quilter's Legacy (The)
Round Robin
Sugar Camp Quilt (The)

Clark, Mary Higgins
Anastasia Syndrome and 
   Other Stories (The)
Before I Say Goodbye
Stranger is Watching (A)
Where are the Children?

Clarke, Breena
River, Cross My Heart

Coburn, Jennifer
The Wife of Reilly

Cockey, Tim
Hearse Case Scenario (The)
Hearse of a Different Color
Hearse You Came In On (The)
Murder in the Hearse Degree

Colgan, Jenny
Amanda's Wedding
Talking to Addison

Collins, Jackie
World is Full of Divorced
    Women (The)

Collins, Joan
Star Quality

Connelly, Michael
Black Echo (The)
Black Ice (The)
Chasing the Dime
City of Bones
Closers (The)
Concrete Blonde (The)
Harry Bosch Novels (The)
Lincoln Lawyer (The)
Lost Light
Narrows (The)

Connelly, Neil
Buddy Cooper Finds a Way

Crafts, Hannah (edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr.)
Bondwoman's Narrative (The)

Crane, Elizabeth
All This Heavenly Glory
When the Messenger is Hot

Crittenden, Danielle
Amanda Bright@home
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About These Books?
The Elm Creek Quilters join forces to plan a wedding and locate several long lost family quilts in The Quilter's Legacy by
Jennifer Chiaverini.
Holly is smitten with a roommate she never sees. Addison is a cute computer geek who spends all day in his room. Talking to Addison is on of the funnier novels.
You simply must get to know Hitchcock Sewell, Baltimore's most eligible mortician. He solves mysteries in his spare time. Check out The Hearse You Came In On.
A bio-tech company president answers a wrong number and finds himself in the middle of a unreported homicide. Chasing the Dime explores the seedy side of the Net.