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Serena and Blair are best friends again. Innocent little freshman Jennifer can't believe the rich, handsome Nate is her boyfriend. Intentional outsiders Dan and Vanessa try to find their groove as a new couple. Truth, rumors, secrets and lies are recorded on the Internet for all to see. It's just business as usual for Gossip Girl.

Senior year is halfway over and New York City's most elite teens are looking for ways to unwind during Christmas break. The beautiful people, and those that wish they were, are back for another installment in Cecily von Ziegesar's popular series.

The cast was first introduced in Gossip Girl. The sequel, You Know You Love Me, followed the characters through autumn in New York City. The anonymous Gossip Girl recorded everything for her web site. First semester's end, and Christmas vacation through New Year's Eve make up the timeline for part three.

If you're a fan of the series, All I Want is Everything doesn't disappoint. von Ziegesar drops plenty of fashion-label names in a tale of the boredom of beautiful people. There's a little backstabbing and plenty of snotty attitude.

Teens are the target audience for the series, but adults craving uncomplicated reading entertainment could easily get hooked. As with the past installments, parental guidance is encouraged with All I Want is Everything. Older teens will be able to separate fiction from reality, but tweens may confuse the two and think booze and drugs are essential for popularity.

Read Gossip Girl and You Know You Love Me before this novel to fully appreciate the shallow cast and their history (kind of like watching Dynasty from the first episode). The Gossip Girl series will never achieve literary greatness, but it is a wonderfully guilty reading pleasure.

All I Want is Everything
Cecily von Ziegesar
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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