City of Bones
by Michael Connelly
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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For most people, January first is a day of resolutions and new beginnings. In the City of Angels, it also means a marked increase in suicides. L.A. police detective Harry Bosch is at the scene of the most-recent suicide when he gets a troubling call. A dog running free through Laurel Canyon brought his owner a human bone. Based on its size, the humerus belongs to a child. Bosch locates a shallow grave only recently disturbed after decades of rest.

The scattered crime scene is recorded grid by grid. It resembles a map, giving the location its nickname: City of Bones.

The child's remains tell a haunting story of abuse and lifetime of mistreatment. As hard as Bosch tries, he can't help but make this a personal case. The crime is at least 20 years-old. Finding a killer now is all but impossible. The quest for identification of the child and the murderer are the subjects of this Michael Connelly thriller.

The chilling tale brings out the best and worst in Harry Bosch. Investigating the heinous crime forces him to examine his own past. At the same time, it also adds to his determination to give the child a name and a peaceful final rest.

In this installment, Bosch's love interest is a rookie cop just starting her second career. Mingling with the lower ranks violates department policy and complicates the case.

There are some familiar faces in this tale. Deputy Chief Irving barks orders from his post. Detective Edgar is present as well M.E. Teresa Corazon. The department's media-relations machine and unscrupulous television reporters also add a little flavor to the investigative pot.

The story line, though depressing, is quite fascinating. Readers follow Bosch through the victim identification process and beyond. Be ready for plenty of surprises and a couple of shoot-outs with shocking results.

Connelly is a master of plot and strategy and his story will keep you guessing beyond the final page. Though there is a whole series of Harry Bosch novels, they need not be read in order. This novel stands on its own, providing all the necessary background information on the leading character.

City of Bones is a gritty tale that's nearly impossible to put down. Connelly successfully holds readers' interest throughout the fast-paced novel. This ultimate detective story is a wild ride all the way to the stunning conclusion that will have readers hoping (and praying) for more

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