The Deed
by Keith Blanchard
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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Jason Hansvoort is a single 23 year-old in New York City. By day he's a doormat at a prestigious Madison Avenue advertising firm. In the evening, he and his buddies ponder their post-college lives.

A beautiful woman interrupts Jason's uneventful schedule. Amanda is a law student and one of the last descendants of the Manahata tribe that is known for selling Manhattan Island to the Dutch nearly 400 years ago.

Amanda claims there is a document dating to 1643 that gives ownership of the island to Pieter Haansvoort and all of his descendants. If Amanda's research proves correct, Jason is the sole survivor of the Haansvoort line and ultimately the heir to the island of Manhattan. The search for the document, located somewhere in New York City, is the subject of The Deed.

The author of this book and the editor-in-chief of Maxim magazine are one and the same. It appears this novel was published due to Keith Blanchard's credentials rather than the strength of the story. Jason and Amanda are center stage from the first chapter, but the background information that endears them to readers gradually sprinkled out toward the end of the tale. Other characters exist only as a reason for Jason to think out loud. At least the banter between friends is entertaining.

The Deed can be classified as light reading, more enjoyable if you don't expect a deep story. Jason's New York adventures are amusing, but his Maxim mentality is an acquired taste.

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