The Discrete Charm
of Charlie Monk
by David Ambrose
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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Charlie Monk's discrete charm may come from his ability to slip in and out of his role as a government hit man. He has no office, co-workers, or family responsibilities.  He receives his assignments from a man simply called "Control."

Susan Flemyng is a renowned doctor known for her ability to enhance visual memory in amnesia victims. Since the death of her husband years ago, Susan has been devoted to her young son and her research.

Charlie and Susan's respective worlds intersect on a plane only David Ambrose could create. Monk suddenly finds he's the subject of a memory implantation experiment. Dr. Flemyng is forced to conduct research on Charlie for the organization that kidnapped her son.

The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk is a scientific thriller that keeps you guessing through every page. Is Charlie's hit man history real or merely an implanted image? Ambrose reveals key information mid-novel and enhances the collective mind trip readers are bound to experience.

Normally, I don't like science with my fiction, but I'll pull a David Ambrose thriller off the shelf any day of the week. He walked a fine line between fantasy and reality in Coincidence and does so again here. The actual charm of Charlie Monk rests in Ambrose's ability to make readers question reality in this exhilarating scientific thriller.

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