Nights in Rodanthe
by Nicholas Sparks
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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Adrienne Willis needs to reach out to her daughter. Thirty-one year-old Amanda has been a widow for eight months. She lives in a fog, barely able to care for her young children. Adrienne uses this opportunity to reflect on her own past and share the experiences of love and loss with her daughter.

Fourteen years ago, recently divorced Adrienne offered to watch her friend's coastal bed and breakfast for a few days. A big storm was coming with only one guest expected so late in the season. Little did Adrienne know the visitor would change her life.

Dr. Paul Flanner arrived in Rodanthe hoping to close a painful chapter in his life and start anew. After his stay, Paul expected to head to Ecuador and rebuild a relationship with his grown son. Meeting Adrienne was not part of the plan

Paul and Adrienne come together to heal their individual wounds. They discover love in the middle of a driving storm. When the rain clears, will Paul leave Adrienne with only memories?

Nights in Rodanthe follows the love story as passed from Adrienne to Amanda. In true Nicholas Sparks fashion, two troubled souls merge to form a special bond in a picturesque North Carolina town. Paul is painted as a once egotistical doctor who has recently seen the error of his ways. Poor Adrienne must buck the prim old librarian stereotype presented by the author.

This is a classic love story filled with hope and heartbreak. Sparks fans should be pleased that he retained his successful formula for this novel (though I'd like to see him branch out). The tale is reminiscent of "The Bridges of Madison County," with a man and woman discovering true love later in life. The pain in love and loss are captured perfectly.

It's easy to predict the unfolding events of Nights in Rodanthe, yet it's still a touching story. If you love his earlier works, you'll enjoy this addition to the Nicholas Sparks' library.
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