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Nobody Does It Better
by Cecily von Ziegesar
Book Review by Amy Coffin
"In case you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere and don’t know us—doesn’t everyone?—we are the belles of the ball, the princesses and princes of New York’s Upper East Side.” So says Gossip Girl on her anonymous web site for dirt and secrets about the city’s richest, most beautiful teens.

Nobody Does It Better marks the seventh installment in the Gossip Girl series. College acceptance letters have been mailed out. Some recipients are happy, and some are sad. One thing they all have in common is the fast-approaching end of the school year.

With the pressure to succeed behind them, the upper-class teens let loose in some surprising ways. Nate and Blair *finally* do the deed, though Nate tries hard to mess up a good thing. Serena and Jenny revel in the attention given their modeling spread. Dark, angry Vanessa ends up with an unlikely roommate and friend. Dan goes through some weird, emo crisis. Young Jenny lets fame get to her head, setting the stage for big trouble.

The mysterious Gossip Girl is less visible in Nobody Does It Better than in previous installations. This is because the characters are too busy doing unbelievable things that will surprise readers.

There is plenty of label dropping and fashion advice for all. The parents, who are more outrageous than their progeny, are good for several smirks of amusement.

The Gossip Girl series is my guilty pleasure. From book to book, all I expect is a cast of characters to love and hate, a few fashion do’s and don’ts, and a really good cliffhanger so I know another book is on its way. Nobody Does It Better meets all those demands and has me impatiently tapping my toe in anticipation of more good gossip.

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