The Quilter's Legacy
by Jennifer Chiaverini
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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Elm Creek Manor is abuzz with Sylvia's impending marriage to Andrew. The Quilters have taken over the plans, barely giving the septuagenarian bride an opinion in her own wedding. This gives Sylvia time to search the attic for her mother's heirloom quilts. Sadly, it is learned that the quilts were sold out of the family decades ago.

Sylvia would like very much to have these cherished quilts back in the family. An Internet savvy friend assists in the search for the quilts and several good leads turn up around the country. Sylvia and Andrew decide to head out on the road in search of the quilts on their way to announce their engagement to Andrew's adult children.

The Quilter's Legacy combines the journey with a look into the history of the quilts and the women who made them. Sylvia's mother, Eleanor, was an avid quilter. Her own mother Gertrude was a cold, hateful woman who despised her family. Eleanor learned her quilting skills from a cherished nanny. She made several pieces, including the New York Beauty and Ocean Waves in her youth and early marriage. Readers learn the meaning behind the quilts as well as their historical and sentimental significance.

This Jennifer Chiaverini novel moves back and forth between the past and the present with ease. The earlier portion answers many questions that arise in the present-day portion. Those with an appreciation for the art of quilting will have more enjoyment of the story. 

There are several previous installments in the Elm Creek series. It is recommended that readers tackle those before reading The Quilter's Legacy. Chiaverini provides little background information on the characters or their family history in this novel. It would have been nice to read a refresher page that gives a brief history of Elm Creek Quilts and its members.

The Quilter's Legacy is a sentimental journey that's bound to stir up family memories for all who read it. The strong female characters are inspirational and their quilts are works of art and history. Jennifer Chiaverini writes passionately about family and quilts patched together in this enjoyable read.
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