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Secret Smile
by Nicci French
Book Review by Amy Coffin
Miranda Cotton briefly dated Brendan Block, but called it off after two weeks. She chalked the relationship up as a mistake and moved on from there. Then Miranda’s sister Kerry introduces her new boyfriend: Brendan.

Kerry is very happy so when Brendan lies, claiming to have been the one who broke off the previous relationship, Miranda lets it go. Brendan won’t give up, however, and continues to imply that Miranda is vengeful and jealous of her sister’s new relationship. He even wins over the rest of the Cotton family, which further aggravates Miranda.

Brendan’s behavior nearly drives Miranda over the edge. Her attempts to disprove him, in turn, make her look like a jealous lover and budding stalker. When lives are in danger, nobody will listen to Miranda except Brendan…who tauntingly compliments her Secret Smile.

Author Nicci French keeps the pages turning with Brendan’s disturbing plans. She also guides Miranda to rise to the bait. Thus, the female lead makes some bad choices herself making readers wonder if she’s the crazy one.

Secret Smile takes places in a fast-paced London setting. The story builds great suspense with Brendan’s and Miranda’s every move. The climax and resolution are a bit swift, but overall the read is enjoyable.

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