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The Wave
by Walter Mosley
Book Review by Amy Coffin
The crank caller that haunts Errol Porter nightly sounds a lot like his deceased father. Enough so that Errol goes to the cemetery one night in response to the caller. He finds a man that does indeed resemble his father, except this man is much younger. His stories match, but how can Errol’s father rise from the dead and turn back the clock?

Further investigation leads Errol on a wild ride involving a whole other world, other life forms and secret government investigations. The movement is called The Wave, and it could mean danger for the human race.

Normally, I’m not a science fiction reader, as you can see by the lack of sci fi reviews at However, Walter Mosley is so talented that I trust him not to steer me wrong. This multi-faceted writer keeps readers interest from the beginning with phone calls originating from the cemetery.

The Wave is relatively short in length, but it has good plot elements and everything one expects in a sci-fi novel. Serious science fiction fans might find the subject matter light, but the story is easy to follow. The Wave is a quick and suspenseful read from one of today’s most versatile authors.

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