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Carrie Hudson spent the last two decades as an antiques dealer, trading out of her van up and down the Atlantic seaboard. The death of her mother forces a return trip home to rural Oysterback, Maryland. While down in Florida, a gator ate Miss Audrey, but Carrie's sister Earlene wants the town to think their mother had a heart attack because the truth is too embarrassing.

The original funeral plans are stalled when Carrie and Earlene's brother (holding their mother's ashes) is detained by airport security down in Florida. Carrie hoped for a quick service so she could get back on the road. Now she'll have to spend days in Oysterback, setting up the perfect opportunity for A Whole World of Trouble.

Honestly, there's not much trouble in this Helen Chappell novel. The dearly departed Miss Audrey had ties to a former college professor (currently sleeping on her couch) and a local fugitive wanted by Oysterback law enforcement. Carrie and Earlene spend the tale working through their sibling rivalry while preventing the spread of small-town gossip about their family.

Oysterback is a charming setting. Chappell vividly describes the cast and background so readers feel like visitors to this rural Maryland area. In this case, the "whole world" is Oysterback and the "trouble" is the surprise arrival of a familiar face and the sisters' comedic attempts to hide him from the stereotypically semi-competent authorities.

A Whole World of Trouble is a fun read as long as you don't expect wild and crazy roller coaster adventures. There is no great climax, as the tale just pleasantly meanders to its conclusion. Chappell pokes lighthearted fun at small-town life and it makes for a simple but entertaining read.
A Whole World
of Trouble
By Helen Chappell
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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