You Know You Love Me
by Cecily von Ziegesar
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where my friends and I all live in huge, fabulous apartments and go to exclusive private schools. We aren't always the nicest people in the world, but we make up for it in looks and taste.

Gossip Girl introduced readers to the privileged world of New York City's elite teens. The novel focused on a group divided into those who were "in" and those who desperately wanted to be there. Chapters were divided by snippets of juicy gossip dished out by the anonymous web master of A cliffhanger conclusion left readers wondering what was in store for the snobby set.

You Know You Love Me picks up at the start of senior year. Blair is anticipating being deflowered by Nate. Outsider Dan is in love with the beautiful, yet shallow Serena. When they're not busy wearing the right clothes and being seen at the right places, the cast prepares for college admission interviews at the most prestigious institutions.

This second series installment moves toward the impending nuptials of Blair's mother and her dreadful fiancée. Blair pouts because she's not the center of attention. Nate falls for a younger (and more common) freshman. Dan is blinded by obsession and Serena is oblivious to everything that's not in her best interest. It's just business as usual for Gossip Girl's teenage royalty.

This isn't a deep story, but there's plenty of entertaining temper tantrums. The author adds a little emotion to the tale as well, with Nate choosing love over the chance to get stoned with his buddies.

This series is written for a young crowd, but parental guidance is recommended. Younger teens may admire the cast and think the smoking, drinking and promiscuity are part of the fast track to popularity. Older teens are more sophisticated and should be able to separate the drama from reality.

Cecily vonZiegesar's books aren't destined for literary greatness, but they sure are fun to read.
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